About Me

Hi there. I am a lady that likes to Blog! I am interested in Art, Music, Travel, Literature, Theatre, Film. I have a passion for travelling and really want to see a lot more of the world.

I love to write about all kinds of topics. Relationships, Break Ups, Motivational and Inspirational things, Arts, Reviews, Random Thoughts, Social Justice.

Really interested in Personal Development, Spirituality, Mythology, Mysticism, Magic, Fantasy, Philosophy and Biographies of people’s lives.

Been Vegetarian for a long time and like writing about vegetarianism, veganism, animal welfare, animal rights. Also interested in Civil Rights. And like to try and empower others.

Also interested in topics like depression, agoraphobia, domestic violence, bereavement, heartbreak, etc. And hearing how people overcome obstacles in life.

I am generally a positive, upbeat person that likes to try and maintain a fun outlook on life and try and learn as much as I can and see as much of the world as I can.

But sometimes Life get’s in the Way! So blogging is a good way to let those feelings out.

Sometimes I can feel Melancholy. But sometimes that is also when I am my most creative.

I am a Chronic Insomniac. A Night Owl in a Day time World.

I write poetry, play piano and keyboard, draw art, write songs and make music. Love comic books and graphic novels and watching comic book movies.

I Love nature and being near oceans, forests and mountains and getting out of the city.

I love animals too. And like visiting animal sanctuaries. Also hoping to go on more holistic retreats!

I like going to live gigs, festivals, musicals.

I feel like I am unlucky in love! But maybe we all are!

Main mission in life is to learn to drive! When I learn to drive I want to get a Camper Van!