The Good things about Breaking up with Someone and being Single again…. Top Tips for Recovering after a Break Up

bridget jones

Okay so I am in the midst of a breakup. We dated for about 6 months. And it has been 2 weeks No Contact. I haven’t contacted him and he hasn’t contacted me. So it’s really over. And on reflection I think that’s for the best as we did not seem to be compatible and it all ended quite badly.

Have been reflecting on what’s good about life when you are broken up with someone. And once you’ve got over the initial gut wrenching heart ache and pain of missing and pining for them. And the whirlwind of other emotions such as anger, betrayal, sadness and loss. So first of all take time out, let it all out, have a good cry and grieve the end of your relationship.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to try and start moving on. Recovering from a Break Up isn’t easy and it goes through different phases, but whatever phase you are in, try and start doing new things and trying to make yourself happy and take the focus off thinking about your ex. Here we go!


1. You’re FREE!!! You are free to be single and not locked into a relationship any more. This is good if it wasn’t a good relationship. And means, if you have no other commitments, the World is your Oyster!

2. You can embrace your Creative Side! Sometimes in a relationship we are so focused on the other person and spend most of our free time with them that we don’t have many interests and hobbies. So now is the time to learn that musical instrument, do an art class, join a singing group or find some new hobby to enjoy.

3. Get Fit! Join a Gymn, do exercise classes and start working out and working up a sweat! Tone your body.

4. Take up  a Dance Class! Lose yourself in the music and learn new dance routines.

5. Take up a Self Defence class. Let that angst out! And learn new skills in defending yourself.

6. Try taking up Yoga. It’s good for toning the body, stretching and relaxing the mind.

7. Eat Healthy! Start eating lots of fruit and veg, a healthy balanced diet and drink lots of water. Start making juices and smoothies. Eat the Rainbow and heal your body. Try some new recipes and maybe go to a cookery class. Start eating out more and trying new restaurants and world cuisines.

8. Find your Passion! What’s going to make you jump out of bed! What makes you excited? What is your calling?

9. Plan a Trip! Do a local trip, a week-end away, an awesome road trip or embark on an epic adventure!

10. Get back in touch with all your friends. People can often neglect their friends when they are in a relationship. So start reconnecting with old friends.

11. Get a job if you haven’t got one. Consider a second part time job if you want to for extra income and to keep you busy.

12. If you hate the job you have, consider quitting and changing careers.

13. Start reading all those Books that have been building up. And maybe a few old classics.

14. Start watching LOTS of movies. Head to the cinema, get those old dvds out, order some new ones online or subscribe to Netflix.

15. Dedicate yourself to a Cause. What do you feel passionately about. Are you interested in activism? Is there anything you feel is unfair in the world? How can you help others or contribute to making the world a better place.

16. Become more Sociable. It’s easy to sit in and hide away and avoid the outside world. But at some point you are going to have to emerge from your cocoon or break out of your comfort zone. Try not to isolate yourself.

17. Do a training course or return to education. Even do a workshop or night class or online or distance learning. Lifelong Learning will keep your mind active and keep you young.

18. Get Spiritual. Whatever that means for you. Whether it’s reading books, finding the right spiritual path, joining a group, attending a workshop or going on a retreat.

19. Do something RANDOM! Or something Life Changing! Take a Risk! Visit a far flung place, go sky diving or bungee jumping or learn to ride a motorbike.

20. Create your own Personal Bucketlist. Write down all the things that you want to do with your life! Dare to Dream! Create a Vision Board too if that helps.

21. Realise that no matter how long you spent in a relationship it is never too late to do what you want to do with your life and to be whoever you want to be.

22. Think Positive! Say YES to Life!

23. Realise your Potential…. Strive to become the BEST version of yourself…

24. Connect with nature. Go hiking, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, climbing, camping, cycling or do some conservation volunteering. Go on an epic adventure into the wild if you want.

25. Reconnect or Disconnect from your family. You can lose touch with your family when you have been in a relationship. Maybe now is the time to get back in touch. Or maybe there is family members you’d rather avoid. Keep in touch with family members you get along with.

26. Find Yourself! Who are you? Go into the Wilderness if you have to…. Be Wild, Be Free. Push yourself!

27. Get your hair done. Get it cut, styled differently, even get extensions if you want. Maybe now is the time to consider a new hair colour!

28. Work on your personal appearance so you can look the best you can be! Get a Makeover if you want.

29. Update your Wardrobe. Cheer yourself up and buy some new clothes. Go through your wardrobe and consider giving old clothes to charity or selling them on ebay.

30. Maybe now is the time to flirt a little! Perhaps meet new men! And try to take your mind off the old one. Even though you might still have strong feelings for your ex, consider dating someone new.

31. Move into a new apartment, a new house or move to a new city or a different part of the world if you fancy it.

32. Take a good look at yourself. Consider counselling, therapy, life coaching and personal development.

33. Consider online dating for a bit of fun! But keep safe!

34. Hit some bars! Head out to some bars if you feel like it to try and take your mind of things and let your hair down!

35. Go to a Music Festival, Food Festival, Arts Festival or whatever types of festival appeals. There are so many different kinds of festivals in the world now. And all types of celebrations and gatherings.

36. Give yourself a pat on the back that you’ve made it this far.

37. Always have Hope. Just because this relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean you won’t love again. What’s meant for you won’t pass you by…

Hope you find these suggestions inspiring! Onwards and Upwards.

It’s a Break Up not a Break Down! 


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